Ohiopyle looks good in white

Ohiopyle looks good in white

It’s been in the single digits for the past week here. A couple days ago, we got hit with eight inches of fluffy snow.

And that made everything real pretty. The sun came out and it was clear and cold, but I was nice and warm in my Smartwool Midweight Crew and Mountain Hardwear Microchill.

Cucumber Falls was a little iced up:

Frozen Cumber Falls

The ice pile at the bottom of the falls was over ten feet high:Cucumber Falls in winter

And it was mostly solid enough to walk right up to it:Punching through the ice at Cucumber Falls


The Meadow Run slides were frozen to a thin channel:Meadow Run natural Water slides frozen

And all that snow made for great fat bike riding conditions:Fat biking in Ohiopyle


ahhhh winter in Ohiopyle is a whole different thing than the summer.  Basically so quiet you can hear the snow hitting the ground.

Stop in to the shop to tell stories and lies and talk about the perfect bike or the perfect ride.

Wilderness Voyageurs, 103 Garrett Street, Ohiopyle Pa 15470  easy to find located next to the railroad tracks on the north side of town on RT 381

800-272-4141 for all of your outdoor gear and sweet adventuring needs.

See you on the river or the trail!