Ohiopyle Fly Fishing Update

Ohiopyle Fly Fishing Update

Ohiopyle and our fly fishing folk have been suffering from this interminable winter just like the rest of the east coast.  Last week we saw snow 2 days and a low temperature of 23 degrees,  but…..

Spring is finally here and it is a wondrously complex season on the Youghiogheny River.  Hatches abound and thoughts of rising trout coupled with months of cabin fever will fuel our fishing enthusiasm.

Spring fly fishing strategies

Let’s take a look at the prerequisites for a successful trout opener in Ohiopyle and on the Yough and its tribs.  Before the hatches start, you will wisely spend your time nymphing, and European nymphing is a great technique in the spring.  Two or three nymphs fished deep with a little movement will usually outproduce indicator nymphing.  “Go to” patterns should include  bead head versions of the Prince, Pheasant Tail and Hare’s Ear nymphs in sizes 12 to 18.  Caddis larvae patterns in tan and olive as well as brighter green to match the “rock worm” should be fished in sizes 14 to 16.  Suckers spawn as water temperatures reach the 40’s.  Your favorite sucker spawn patterns should be in your early Spring fly box.  Try bright colors when the water is off color and go with paler shades as the water clears.  Use a heavily weighted nymph such as the Vladi worm to anchor your nymph rig.
Ohiopyle Nymphs wilderness Voyageurs

Match the Hatch in Ohiopyle

The joy of Spring fishing is matching the hatches as they occur.  Somewhere on the Yough watershed, you will find the following in the coming months:
-grannom caddis sz 14-16
-blue quill sz 16-18
-quill gordon sz 12-14
-hendricksons sz 14-16
-march browns sz 1014
-tan and olive caddis sz 14-16
-sulphurs sz 12-14
-green and brown drakes sz 8-10
-cahills sz 14-16
-and, of course, ubiquitous midges sz 20-26
The flys in the picture from left to right are Pheasant Tail, Hares Ear, and a Prince
And if all of that is not enough…you can fish streamers.  Remember in early Spring, colder water slows the trout’s metabolism.  Swing your streamers for best results.  As the water warms, you can begin to strip your streamers as the trout begin to chase.
Have a good opener!
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Ohiopyle Fly selection wilderness Voyageurs

Wilderness Voyageurs is your Ohiopyle fishing headquarters, If you are in the Ohiopyle area, stop in the shop, more than 500 patterns available.  We are also a Pennsylvania Fishing license sales point and Guided fishing trips are available daily.  If you are a DIY kinda fisher, canoes and rafts are available for rent for the Middle Yough, which is the section of river from Confluence to Ohiopyle.

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