New Keens are in stock

New Keens are in stock

We’re making our way through the boxes in our semi-permanent auxiliary inventory storage:

And getting stuff out on the floor. Today I finished unloading the Keens. Here’s a quick rundown of the models we have in stock.


The Targhee II, $129 , is a waterproof, mid-height hiking boot. It uses Keen’s waterproof membrane, which is called Keen Dry (the marketing department wasn’t feeling too creative on membrane naming day.)

The Targhees are great boots for Fall through Spring. But they’re a little sweaty during the summer. Keen Dry does breath, but not as well as some mesh vents.

The Voyageur, $99, is a solid choice for warm weather hiking. They have lots of ventilation, and are almost as light as a pair of running shoes. I’ve had a pair for a couple years, and they’re still one of my all-time favorite light hikers.


One of my co-workers insists on wearing open-toe sandals on the river. He claims that occasionally ripping a toe nail off and walking around with a bloody stub isn’t that bad. But for those of us that like keeping our nails attached, Keen’s sandals have a sturdy rubber toe guard.

The Newport (right), $95, has  a beefy sole and drawstring lace. The Turia Sandal (left), $99, is lighter and has a breathable mesh tongue

The Women’s Venice has a minimal strap pattern compared to the Newport. The bright orange version should be a great choice for people that want others to notice that they have a pair of feet.

The Hydro Guide is Keen’s most technical sandal. It uses a single pull-through webbing strap, similar to the one Chaco uses on their sandals.

All of Keen’s river sandals have razor siped soles, which helps a ton with traction on wet rocks.


The Commuter II is Keen’s SPD compatible bike sandal. It’s basically a Newport that’s been slimmed down and stiffened up. This year’s model has a velcro strap across the top of the foot, which should keep it from pulling off on the top of a pedal stroke like the old model used to.

posted by Montana