Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man jacket review

Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man jacket review

The Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man jacket is the best fleece I’ve ever worn.

Monkey Man Jacket Wilderness Voyageurs

Actually, it’s the best jacket I’ve ever worn. I bought mine five years ago, and I’ve worn it on almost every chilly day since then.

I run in it, mountain bike in it, then fall asleep on the couch in it.

With five winters of wear, the only place it’s looking mangy is on the elbows. The result of long hours in front of the keyboard:

Monkey man jacket Wilderness Voyageurs

It looks a little like my cat before he licks himself:

I’m sure I could get the elbows back in good condition if I could just stretch my tongue a little farther:

Monkey Man Jacket Wilderness Voyageurs

When I headed out for a run today, it was about 15 degrees. I wore a light wool base layer with my monkey jacket, and I was comfortable the whole time.

The high-loft fleece is light, fluffy, and breathable. In snow or light rain, the fabric takes a while to feel wet.

Under a shell, the fur helps wick away moisture. I’ve never felt sweaty like I do in less fluffy fleeces.

And it’s almost compressible enough to fit inside a turquoise wicker cowboy hat:

But if you wore a hat like the Boss Hog, you could probably squeeze in two Monkey Jackets:

He takes that hat off for one thing, and one thing only.

Anyway, this year’s color is silverback gorilla grey:

Monkey Man Jacket Wilderness Voyageurs

In girls, we have the Monkey Woman Lite, which has some more breathable side panels and a hood. Fall through spring, they’re the best jackets out there.

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