Emma Holt – Wilderness Voyageur’s Newest Environmental Conservationist!

Emma Holt – Wilderness Voyageur’s Newest Environmental Conservationist!

We are proud to introduce Emma Holt ! Our very own environmental conservationists and winner of an Honorable Mention at this year’s Wharton Elementary School’s 4th & 5th Grade Science Fair.

Emma’s Science Fair Display

Emma is currently a 4th grader at Wharton Elementary School and a second generation member of the Wilderness Voyageurs family. This year for Emma’s science fair project she was inspired by the corn based cups that are used daily at our very own Fall’s City Pub and Restaurant. She decided to experiment with the rate different cups (corn based, waxed paper, and plastic) break down in compost conditions. We were also intrigued by the results – of course we want to know what’s going to happen with our green cups!

Congrats on an Honorable Mention!

As you can see by the condition of the cups, the wax paper cups show the first sign of decomposing, with the corn based cups coming in second, and no substantial change to the plastic cups.

The Title and Theory

An example of the compost

We commend Emma on her interest in environmental conservation and wish her a successful future in all her scientific endeavours! Great Job Emma!  Emma’s mom, Tracy Holt, is an original member of the Wilderness Voyageurs family and plays a vital role in both the reservations and accounting departments.

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