Bicycling Vacations Are Smiles + Miles!

Pedal Your Way to Vacation Bliss!

If you love cycling and you love vacations, a bike tour is definitely for you. Bike tours take you to some of the most beautiful and amazing locations on the planet. And you get to experience everything up close and personal–nothing between you and the world! Even if your longest ride to date is a 10-miler on the flats, there’s a bike tour made for you. Everyone from history buffs, gourmet foodies, workaholics (hmm – is that you?) and nature lovers can find a bike tour that suits her. Nothing compares to a vacation on a bike saddle–just you, the fresh air and gorgeous scenery. Even better, take a tour with some of your BFFs and your vacation becomes a bonding experience like no other. You’ll be regaling each other for years about that memorable bike tour you took in 2018. Forget Vegas–how about Colorado?

Rio Grande trail Carbondale Colorado - Wilderness Voyageurs

A Colorado bike tour takes your breath away.

More Pros per Mile

Bike tours have so many more pros than an ordinary vacation. For example, you can stop whenever and wherever you like to appreciate the moment, chat about life or just breathe. Use a bike tour to inspire you to raise your biking to the next level–challenge yourself with more miles per day or more hills! Earn some serious bragging rights as you tell your gal pals how you crossed a state, continental divide or even country by bike! Bike tours come in all shapes and sizes too. Try a 2- or 3-day inn-to-inn adventure or head out for a whole week. Did we mention the wonderful lodging at local inns and B&Bs, plus incredible dining? Your appreciation of that soft, welcoming bed and delicious food will be exponential at the end of a day’s riding! Another advantage is a personal support team. A fully supported bike tour means someone literally has your back on every mile. Flat tire, thirsty or just flat tired? The support and gear (SAG) wagon/van is right behind you with everything you need. Even the U.S. National Park Service recognizes the advantage of bike touring: according to them, one of the top two ways to visit a national park is by bike (the other is by foot, but that’s awfully slow). We couldn’t agree more!

All Bikes, No Cars – That’s Bike Touring on Rail-Trails!

What would it be like to ride without a car in sight? No swerving or worrying about that jerk in the SUV passing you just a little too close. If you’re interested in a car-free bike tour, try a rail-trail tour. Rail-trail tours follow former railroad tracks and take you through areas of the country impossible to see by car, literally impossible. The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is a good place to learn more about rail-trails–where they are and how to support their efforts.

GAP Rail Trail Bike Tour - Wilderness Voyageurs

The Salisbury Viaduct on the Pittsburgh to Washington D.C. rail-trail tour.

Ready to Pedal?

If you’re ready to find that tour, Wilderness Voyageurs offers a slew of bike tours and we’ll be delighted to help you pick the one that’s right for you. Book a tour with us you get a code for up to 15% off Terry products at our store in Ohiopyle and online. Pedal on, Ladies!