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Doc's Proplugs

Prevent swimmer's ear and still hear your fellow boaters. These babies come equipped with a little leash for attaching to your helmet, and they are vented for equalization, better hearing, and balance.

Fox 40 Whistle

Standard issue for professional and international sports officials and for good reason. Durable molded multi-port construction emits an extremely loud, very shrill tone that is easily heard over the most boisterous of crowds or - of more value to paddlers- over the loudest rapids or widest of open waters. Equally pertinent is the ‘pea-less’ design. Other whistles are prone to the pea sticking, lodging and blocking the whistle’s call. A paddling essential - no matter where you paddle and one that should always be kept near at hand. Molded construction is easy on lips, especially on cold days.

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The Bearsuit Elbow Pads have a 3D anatomical shape and offer all day comfort with impressive multi-impact shock absorbing properties.

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