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Toaster Mitts

Toaster Mitts offer the warmth of Mambas with the feel of gloves. The 3.5-mm neoprene provides superior warmth, while the 2.5-mm RawHide palm gives you improved control and feel. 

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Otter (Kid's)
$98.95   $60.00

For Youth 50 to 90 lbs. Features simple and safe front entry via 3 secure buckles. Body-Wrapping side adjustments are comfortable even when tight, to ensure this vest stays secure and low on the body. Shoulder adjustments are easy to reach and adjust for a complete custom fit. Kapok filled fronts are extremely soft and cut low so that the vest won’t ride up to your chin (like most kids’ jackets do). Reflective patches ensure the wearer remains visible. Flotection™ - Impact resistant foam placed in the back and sides for ribs and upper spine protection. Cool embroidery accents the front and back.

In stock