San Juan Island Daily Elevation

San Juan Island Daily Elevation

Here are the daily elevation charts for the San Juan Island Bike Tour. They can look very intimidating with the jagged lines. Take a close look at the elevation chart on the left vs the miles on the bottom. You will see jagged lines even for gentle ascents or descents based on the nature of these charts. We have rated this tour as a “3” based on the relaxed nature of the days. However, as you see, it is not a flat trip. While there are no extended climbs (other than the option to ride up Mt. Constitution), there are ups and downs each day.  Keep in mind, you can always hop a ride in the support vehicle!

Lopez Island is the flattest of the three islands, followed by San Juan Island and then Orcas Island. The views, wildlife, light houses, island time feel, whale touring, sea kayaking, food, accommodations and the general beauty of the San Juan Island make this trip truly unique and spectacular.

Day 1: San Juan Island
19 Miles +1424 / – 1342

San Juan Island Elevation Chart - San Juan Island Day 1

Day 2: San Juan Island, Lime Kiln
27.8 Miles +1821 / – 1827
It’s hard to pick a favorite day on this tour, but this is definitely at the top of the list! Leave Friday Harbor for a tour of the Lime Kiln Lighthouse before venturing out to Friday Harbor. Today you get to explore the highlights of San Juan Island as you circumnavigate it.

San Juan Island Elevation Profile Day 2 San Juan Island
Day 3: San Juan Island
Friday Harbor to the Pelindaba Lavender Farm return to the harbor

Miles: 30 +2166/-2206 OR Miles: 19 +1142/-1186
There are two route options today – a 19 mile option and this 30 mile option (pictures below). This is the morning ride on your way to the Whale Watching expedition and transfer to Lopez Island. Both options bring you to the Pelindaba Lavender Farm and back to the harbor. Pick what feels right to you!

San Juan Island Elevation Chart - San Juan Island Day 3

Day 4: Lopez Island
28.4 miles. +1558 / – 1538
Rise and shine on Lopez Island. Ride to out for a short hike to Watmough Bay and back to the harbor to transfer to Orcas Island. This ride takes place on the quiet country roads of Lopez where is truly feels like “island time.”

San Juan Island Elevation Chart - Lopez Island Day 4

Day 5: Orcas Island & Mount Constitution
Full ride: 23.6 miles +3119 / – 3012
There are numerous options today. If you are a lover of hill climbs – this one is a goodie! It is all up and then all down with windy turns and spectacular views. This climb is entirely optional. You may choose to shuttle to the top and enjoy the ride down. Or relax in town and wait for the riders to return before we all head out for a sea kayaking adventure in the afternoon. So many choices and they are all the right one.

San Juan Island Elevation Chart - Orcas Island Day 5

Day 6: Orcas Island Farewell Ride
Miles: 19/5 +1435/-1405

San Juan Island Elevation Chart - San Juan Island Day 1