Pittsburgh to DC: GAP and C&O Canal Trip Elevation Profile

Pittsburgh to DC: GAP and C&O Canal Trip Elevation Profile

The Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath are known for their mild elevation changes: canal boats and trains are notoriously flat travelers. Riding six days on car-free trail is a selling point in itself. But what will those daily rides look like (and feel like on the legs)?

Below is a sampling of the ride elevation profiles from each day of the tour.  This is a representative group– it may not include all ride options and it may not be the entire ride of each day. Keep in mind the scale of the image can distort both the steepness up and down of these rides.

Don’t be alarmed by sudden spikes in elevation gain – the GPS tracking cannot account for bridges and tunnels. On a bridge crossing, it reads down to the ground level. Same as a tunnel passing. Instead of reading to the tunnel surface, it reads to the ground level above the tunnel – thus looking like a sudden spike in elevation gain.

Day 1: Boston, PA to Ohiopyle, PA

56.7 miles; + 1591 ft / – 1125 ft

Day 2: Ohiopyle, PA to Frostburg, MD

57.8 miles; + 2924 ft / – 2077 ft

Day 3: Frostburg, MD to Hancock, MD

Great Allegheny Passage day 3

76.7 miles; + 1004 ft / – 2635 ft

Day 4: Hancock, MD to Shepherdstown, WV

Bike tour elevation profile

54.2 miles; + 653 ft / – 676 ft

Day 5: Shepherdstown, WV to Whites Ferry, MD

Bike tour Elevation Profile

40.1 miles; + 393 ft / – 532 ft

Day 6: Whites Ferry to Georgetown

Elevation profile

37.0 miles; + 275 ft / – 541 ft

To check out the tour overview, follow the link for Pittsburgh to DC details.

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