Ohiopyle white water rafting info

Ohiopyle white water rafting info

Ohiopyle white water rafting info


Ohiopyle wildlife and beauty

‘Ohiopyle’ means ‘big, swirling white water’ in the Iroquois language and the tribe, once native to the area, was not misinformed. Home to one of the longest white water rafting seasons in North America, trips on the Youghiogheny River are offered seven days a week, between the months of March and October. Your jumping-off point, the quaint oasis that is Ohiopyle, PA, is just an hour and a half southwest of Pittsburgh and only three hours northwest of Washington D.C.! No need to fear a dry riverbed! Yough water levels are sustained throughout the season by both the Yough Lake, in Confluence, PA and Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland. The Laurel Highlands are budding and blooming and there’s no better time to be outside, enjoying nature and crushing some waves out here on the Yough!

Need an Ohiopyle vacation on a budget? Wilderness Voyageurs provides a variety of trip packages so you can take home wild stories of white water valor and have enough left over for a beer at the Falls City Pub!  Tours last between three to five hours in length but, rest assured, you’ll be cresting waves and crushing hydraulics many daydreamy afternoons into the future.


Thrill threshold; what level of excitement are you looking for?


A leisurely day on the Middle Yough :

Ohiopyle middle yough rafting

The whitewater rafting on the Yough River occurs on three different sequential sections: the Upper, Middle and Lower Yough. If you’re looking for some Ohiopyle rafting for children or beginners, the Middle Yough is the place for you. Because the Middle only descends about 6 feet per mile, rafters can expect easily navigable rapids with large flat water pools in between, giving you plenty of time to prepare for rapids and insurance of safe, gentle waters to float into in case you take a white water swim. This section is ideal for both introducing children ages 5-11 to white water rafting and for those seeking a mellow river float with beautiful scenery. All ages are welcome on guided Middle Yough trips and include a picnic lunch, water toys for the kids and plenty of wildlife nearby for nature lovers. Binoculars, fishing poles and sunscreen are encouraged! The Middle Yough is a nine-mile section but don’t be intimidated! A day on the Middle Yough takes between 3-5 hours and includes a short shuttle ride to your starting place, ending right back in Ohiopyle. Although the river is a moving body of water, all rafters (kids included!) will need to paddle in order to complete the journey. Whether with children or looking for a lazy river float, the Middle Yough’s novice rapids are your one-way ticket to outdoor nirvana!


The Lower Yough challenge:

Looking to level-up a bit with your Ohiopyle white water rafting this year?  Suitable for rafters age 12 and up, the Lower section of the Youghiogheny offers eight miles of intermediate rapids. Rafters should expect navigation challenges, like big rocks, retentive holes and hydraulics, while going through fast-moving rapids.

Ohiopyle white water ducky

 but sign up for a guided tour and let the Wilderness Voyageurs guide staff provide river safety and raft-maneuvering tips, scoop you up if you happen to take a white water swim and inevitably make you laugh all the way downstream. Wilderness Voyageurs provides a variety of river crafts to put your river navigation to the test. Be the captain of your raft and help your friends or family conquer each rapid in style OR be the master of your own vessel in our inflatable duckies!

Though more continuous than the Middle Yough, the Lower still has a ‘drop, pool’ format, where rafters experience a rapid followed by a large flat pool. In the case that you or a fellow crew member takes a white water swim, retrieving them is easy as both the swimmer and the raft float into calmer water. You’ll want to wear synthetic, non-cotton clothes because all rafters WILL get wet on this section of river. Worried about getting chilly?  No worries, Wilderness Voyageurs has wetsuits and splash tops available for rent every day. With three morning and afternoon check-in times, guided trips last between 3-5 hours and include a riverside lunch. End the day with a short bus ride back to Ohiopyle and don’t forget to check out the photos we took while you weren’t looking during the day! 

Book it to the Laurel Highlands!

If fresh mountain air on your face and fist-pumping through rapids sounds like your idea of summer fun, white water rafting on the Youghiogheny River in Ohiopyle, PA is where you crave to be! Ohiopyle rafting on-line reservations or give our reservationists a call and we’ll see you on the water!  Our reservations office is open every day year round.

Blog content was written by Tara Nathan.

If in Ohiopyle, stop in and see us at:

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