Ohiopyle Springtime

Ohiopyle Springtime

yeeha Ohiopyle has emerged from winter

Ohiopyle sits between Laurel Ridge and Chestnut Ridge of the Appalachians, which means early spring shadows are long. Around here one of the first indicators that ol man winter is in the rearview mirror is the Trillium are in bloom.  Look for them on shady slopes, they avoid direct sunlight.  The white blooms are the most commonly found flower, with the maroon being much more rare. Keep your eyes peeled when you are on the Great Allegheny Passage between Ohiopyle and Confluence.

Trillium Blooming in Ohiopyle

Another hot spot for Trillium is in the vicinity of Bruner Run, the take out point for the Lower Yough Rafting trip.  Fun fact about Trillium: ants are a major seed disperser of the plant.


Another sure fire sign, is the inaugural dog swim in the Yough River.  Water temperatures in Ohiopyle have finally broken the 60 degree mark.  The dogs are stoked!


Ohiopyle Yough River dog swimming

Dogs gone wild in Ohiopyle


The mountain bike trails around Ohiopyle State Park are drying out and the winter tree fall is being removed slowly but surely.  So time to step out of the office for a quick blast up Baughman Trail.  This is a lung buster, you access the trail from the south end of the Middle Yough parking lot, and essentially climb up to the edge of the Youghiogheny Gorge.  This means a 1000 feet gain in altitude in about 4 miles.   But the reward is pretty good…

Baughman Overlook Ohiopyle State Park

Baughman Rocks Overlook


Once you have climbed out of the gorge and you can breathe there is pretty fun moving and grooving to be had:

Ohiopyle state park single trackBeyond the look out is really great single track for about another 1.5 miles.  Then you have some decisions to make,  keep climbing all the way to the top of Sugarloaf, take the hard top down, Sugarloaf trail, or even a descent of gas well road to the Great Allegheny Passage.  No matter what your decision, you really cannot go wrong.


Great Allegheny Passage Ohiopyle Park

Tonight we finished off the ride with a quick spin on the GAP.  Might as well try and fit all the high points in an afternoon.

Ohiopyle is back alive with people and energy,  hats off to spring!

Trying to figure out how best to enjoy Ohiopyle State Park?  Stop into our Ohiopyle outfitters store ( easy to find next to the railroad tracks) and we will hook up with a map and all of our park knowledge.

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