Ohiopyle morning on a bike

Ohiopyle morning on a bike

I have to come clean ..  Most mornings on my “commute”  to work I get a perverse joy from listening to the Pittsburgh traffic report.  Backups at the Squirrel Hill Tunnel,  Parkway moving at a snails pace, Mon Wharf closed etc….
 The drive is about 6 miles and the usual fellow commuters, are about a half dozen deer and 2 different flocks of turkeys, and about 3 cars.  Oh yeah , and you know everyone that you pass.  So the mornings usually start with a couple waves instead of other hand gestures.

Another Beautiful Ohiopyle morning! Bike commuted to the office today and was rewarded with this view of Sugarloaf.   Even living out here and doing what we do, you can get caught up in regular old life, getting to the office get things done, go, go, go.   Glad I took the extra time and sauntered to work.
This ride requires a cross bike as the last 2 miles into town are on a washboard dirt road.  The weapon of choice was the Kona Rove.  This bike is a dream, on pavement it feels like road bike, a slight hint of  resistance from the tires, and a small “whirrrrr”.   The riding position is more of a relaxed road bike position, not quite as aggressive as the Cannondale Synapse position, but if you are a roadie, you will feel in control and at home on the Rove.
 Ohiopyle ridges wilderness voyageursThe heading to Ohiopyle is way easier than the return in the afternoon.  Think about that climb, about 1000 feet of climb in 6 miles.  That will make you burn.  The road riding around Ohiopyle is absolutely amazing,, with the caveat of you gotta like to climb.  A general rule of thumb for ride here is about 25 miles will get you about 3000 feet in climbing and you will see about 10 to 12 cars.

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