Where are we? Light fluffy snow just keeps coming. We awoke to another 6 or so inches with at least 8 more expected today. It’s hard to work, but at least the day was started with a fabulous couple hours of cross country skiing. Starting at Tharp Knob picnic area through the campground and back to Ohiopyle. The high bridge was spectacular as usual with a very snowy Yough River far below. With our daily fresh dose of powder, more and more trails are skiable. While we were on Tharp Knob, my husband and our friend Gordie were attempting to ski down Baughman Trail. The trail itself was fun, but there still isn’t quite enough snow to drop down the side through the trees. Maybe tomorrow?

Favorite Gear of the Day:

For me: My Synchro Ski Pants.
For Eric: Mountain Hardwear’s Hooded Nitrous Jacket
For Gordie: Wooly Burly Pullover

Such a good way to start the day! And not so bad returning to the Wilderness Voyageurs office either. Living in Ohiopyle can get quiet, but it definitely has its perks! Lunch time ski anyone?









Swing through the Wilderness Voyageurs headquarters in downtown Ohiopyle.  This is the home place of Ohiopyle whitewater rafting.  Where we started the industry in 1964.

103, Garrett Street, Ohiopyle Pa 15470  800-272-4141