Great trip

Scenery along the Katy Trail while cycling with Wilderness Voyageurs Bike Tours

Great trip

I thoroughly enjoyed this trip! The guides, John and Gary, were friendly, competent, and knowledgeable.

The accommodations were great: a historic hotel, some very nice b&bs in historic buildings, and a very nice modern hotel.

There was plenty of food and drink available at the trail side rest stops and lunches.

The ride itself was quite enjoyable! There was some climbing, but the steepest gradient encountered was only 4% and that was for only a short distance.

The daily distance varied from between 35 and 40 miles to about 50 with the final day only 27 miles. The two longer days were split up by a shorter day and everyone is free to set his or her own pace so all in all the physical demands were not too great.

The rental bikes were either hybrid, flat bar bikes, or a cyclocross model with drop bars. I choose the later as being more like my road bike with the variety of hand positions available with drop bars.

It came with a single chainwheel and an 11 speed cassette which was plenty to cover the terrain. In fact, I used only 3 gears. You could probably ride this on a single speed if you wanted.

I would recommend this trip to anyone!

Rating: Pretty good ****
William S.
Columbia, MO

The Katy Trail Bike Tour was William’s first time adventuring with us!