Great Allegheny Passage sights

Great Allegheny Passage sights

Great Allegheny Passage spring sights

Great Allegheny Passage Wilderness Voyageurs


Officially the first daffodils seen in Ohiopyle and they are just outside our office! There isn’t a better sign of spring. The weather is warming and this weekend’s forecast is beautiful. Sunny and upper 50’s on Saturday. Absolutely perfect bike riding weather. Ohiopyle State Park spent the last few weeks clearing the trees off The Great Allegheny Passage, so it’s ready for riders. Bring your own bike or rent a Cannondale from us to enjoy your day on the trail.

Great Allegheny Passage Mushrooms



This time of the year you are likely to be treated to quite the color show along the trail.  At higher elevations, south of Ohiopyle, you will likely see Trilliums that are white or purple.    Mushrooms are also quite plentiful this time of year.   If you are lucky, you may stumble across the highly sought after Morel. ( The mushroom in the picture is not a Morel!)

Other flowers you are likely to see in April & May here in the Ohiopyle zone are:

Dogtooth Violet

Trailing Arbutus

Skunk Cabbage– does not sound appealing, but it has wild plant structure and  cool purple leaves.


Can anyone name the extremely rare wildflower that can be found in Ohiopyle State Park?  There is 1 place that it can be seen from the GAP.  A hint, the common name for it includes a lady’s name.


If you are traveling the trail in late May  to late June, you will see Rhododendron blooming in the darker areas of the trail.

Great Allegheny Passage Rhododendren OhiopyleThis vibrant purple Rhododendron is a domestic variety, that has been bred for landscaping and not rare to see along the trail.  You were more likely to run across the white and light pink colors.

Rail trail bike tours allow you to explore areas that are totally inaccessible by other means.

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