Grannom Caddis hatch in Ohiopyle 5-9-2014

Grannom Caddis hatch in Ohiopyle 5-9-2014

Ohiopyle is starting to see regular hatch activity. Water temperatures are approaching normal for the time of year, and river fluctuations are lessening.  grannom caddis yough wilderness voyageurs

About 2 weeks ago the first Grannom Caddis were seen taking flight from the Youghiogheny.   If you are fortunate enough to be fishing early evening and the sun is out,, you will witness a proverbial snow storm.  There are many folks who still do not believe that this happens here in Ohiopyle.

In the next few days Saturday or Sunday evening is looking to be the best bet to witness this spectacle.  If you are not able to fish, just walk out on to the “high bridge” on the Great Allegheny Passage.   Although you are 120 feet from the river,, you will be able to witness the clouds of Caddis and probably be able to catch a few.

The Grannom will take flight from the river and actually survive for up to 2 weeks.  When they lay their eggs they will return to the river and actually swim to the bottom.

If you can not get out to fish in the near future,, the good news is that the Grannom is usually the indicator that trout are starting to look up for their food, and dry fly fishing is on the upswing.

Ohiopyle Fishing Lowdown

Within Ohiopyle State Park, there is more than 30 miles of fishable water. Take your pick from a “big water’ experience on the Yough or small mountain stream, where you are on your new casting your 6 foot 2 weight rod.  All of the tributaries, Meadow Run, Dunbar, and a few other gems,,,, are all fishing quite well due to the adequate water flows we have had all spring.  The Yough is a bit tougher right now, and hard to wee at these flows.  You will probably be well served by doing some exploring and looking for some new pocket water close to shore.  The reduced water velocity in these areas will give the fish a respite, and you might just be rewarded.

Stay on top of what is hatching in Ohiopyle and the Yough River by visiting our Yough River Hatch page.  Or stop into the shop in Ohiopyle:

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