Fall in Ohiopyle

Fall in Ohiopyle

Ohiopyle does exist when summer is over

Labor Day is over, the crowds are gone. Not a cloud in the sky, crisp fresh air every morning.  It’s the best time of year to be in Ohiopyle.  


Fall is my favorite season around here. The summer routine of selling a bus load of chips and Gatoraid, in under ten minutes, three times a day, is done. Now it’s finally quiet. There’s time to relax and talk to people that come into the store. And the weather is getting super nice. The leaves are starting to change:

Ohiopyle bike bridge Wilderness Voyageurs

A cool breeze has blown away the oppressive humidity. It’s a great time to be riding the rail trail:


And the single track:



The guides say that right now is the best time to go rafting. Along with the sunshine and pretty leaves, the trips are smaller so they’re able to give the people on their trips more personal attention.

Say personable Grizz.


But they could just be saying that because the end of season slowdown has brought them to passing time by inspecting women’s sale clothing.  It’s hard to say.


We highly recommend that you stop in and share a coffee with us river guides in the morning and really get to see the heartbeat of Ohiopyle.

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