Cuba Trip Reviews

Cuba Trip Reviews

Our Cuba bike tours are truly unique and special experiences, full of learning opportunities, sights, and history. Check out some reviews from guests who’ve been to Cuba!

cuba bike tours

All smiles on a ride through the Cuban countryside!

Cuba West

Spend 8 days traveling west of Havana through the tobacco rich region of Pinar del Río and the Viñales Valley – famous for the steep-sided rounded limestone hills known as Mogotes. Enjoy some time on the water in a sea kayak and daily people-to-people interactions. The Cuba West Bike Tour starts and ends in Havana.

This was a sublime tour. From the bird song cacophony on sunny morning hillside rides to salsa music blaring from the ’59 DeSoto Diplomat ‘sag wagon’ down the valley, this was a wonderful trip through rural western Cuba culminating in a morning ride through La Habana. Our Cuban guide helped us try to understand the plight of his impoverished country in the wake of decades of one-party rule that has left it clinging to the horse and buggy era. Nothing says Cuba quite like an oxcart driven through a gas station devoid of customers. We were treated to hand rolled cigars and 3-5 mojitos daily against the backdrop of pastel cottages, tenements, and limestone mountains. What more can be said about a place where rum comes in juice packs and toilet seats are a luxury item? The warmth and friendliness of Cuban people conquered all. Viva Kasia, la guida extraordinaria!

Favorite souvenir: CDs from salsa band encounters

Rating: Excellent *****
Charles Eriksen
Seattle, WA


Classic Cuba

9 days of biking through central Cuba and enjoying staying in cities like Trinidad – a Unesco World Heritage site. You’ll find Sancti Spiritus and Cien Fuegos equally as enthralling. Enjoy some time on the water in a sea kayak and daily people-to-people interactions. The Classic Cuba Bike Tour starts and ends in Havana.


I’m not sure this trip can be described in a short review. So much was packed into the 8 days that it was amazing. The tour guides made the complex arrangements flow evenly and were wonderful. Cuba was an eye opener in many ways. The countryside was beautiful, the cities colorful, the people so very friendly. I never expected our meals to be so fantastic. Overnight accommodations were great. In short, way more and way better than anything I had imagined. The actual biking along main roads was an initial concern, but was never a problem. What little traffic we encountered was unbelievably courteous, I would highly recommend this trip, and would like to congratulate Wilderness Voyagers on the design and function of their staff. Landon, Alex, Kasia, and even the bus driver were exceptional. I will remember this trip forever and place it at the top of all my adventures. Thanks.

Rating: Excellent *****
James Hutcherson
Elizabethtown, Ky



Great trip! Our included the right mix of active activities and cultural activities. We saw multiple cities and towns in Cuba and experienced what life is like there. The lodging and food was also an experience and there were surprise additions to most meals. The bikes were perfect for the riding we did and getting to swim on multiple days was a great mix with the biking.

Rating: Excellent *****
Lisa Roberts
Victor, NY



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