Crystal River Valley Scenery

Chair Mountain at head of Valley

Crystal River Valley Scenery

Important Note: Breathtaking Colorado Scenery Ahead!

The pictures that you are about to view could become the basis of an uncontrollable urge to catch the next flight to Colorado and disappear on a river for an extended period of time, and/or bike tour for incredible days on end!
fall aspens red cliffs
All of these pictures are from the Crystal River Valley, located in western central Colorado.  This is also part of our popular Colorful Colorado Bike Tour.  On Day 3 and Day 4 of the tour, guests enjoy this incredible scenery riding on both the Crystal River bike trail along the river, and the road.

You get to the Crystal Valley by heading south out of Glenwood Springs for about 10 miles, then turning southwest on to Colorado Route 133.  The highway runs down the center of the valley and within view of the Crystal River.  At the head of the Valley is Chair Mountain, ( top picture) highway 133 climbs McClure Pass on the flanks of Chair Mountain and then descends into the North fork of the Gunnison drainage.   Peak foliage in the Crystal River Valley is the 3rd to 4th week of September.  There is an incredible amount of Aspen forest that turns an amazing vibrant,, well even “golden” does not seem to do it justice.

Upper Crystal near town of Crystal

Upper Crystal River near the town of Crystal

For those looking for a real adventure, keep heading south on Colorado 3, this will take you into the town of Marble, yes where they still mine Marble.  From here, the road really becomes a jeep trail that heads deep into the Elk Mountains and eventually to Crested Butte.  You will be rewarded with amazing views of the river and of  deep inter rocky mountain scenery.

Crystal Mill on the Crystal River

Crystal Mill

The famous Crystal Mill.  A picture worth the work.  It is 7 rough miles from the edge of the pavement to here.

Crystal above Marble from bridge

The Crystal meandering above the town of Marble, just prior to it being channelized again and entering Bogan Canyon.

Redstone Cliffs an Sopris

Redstone Cliffs above the town of Redstone bathed in a sweet alpenglow.  The large mountain trying to photo bomb is Mount Sopris.

Filoha Meadows along Crystall

Looking upstream just north of Filoha Meadows, it was an awesome morning for fishing.

Biking crystal valley Colorado

Heading south on highway 133, approaching the Crystal Narrows.


Peak foliage and snow

Raggeds Ridge October snow

This is my favorite picture of recent times.  This was taken October 1st, pretty much peak foliage and then a little frosting to top it off. I literally took a hundred pictures.  The clouds kept moving and getting better with every minute. This was the best cup of coffee I can remember.

We really think highly of this part of the world,  That is why we have created 2 different ways to explore this area.  Choose your mode, if you like to bike, join a Colorado road biking tour or if you want to spend a bit more time with the river, then grab your fly rod and spend 6 days dipping your toes in the water

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