Colorado Road Bike Route Overview

Colorado bike tour trail

Colorado Road Bike Route Overview

Cyclists the world over travel to Colorado for its amazing cycling routes. Excellent, safe bicycle routes combine with amazing alpine views for a road-biker’s dream destination. If the Colorado Rocky Mountains are calling your name, our Colorful Colorado road bike tour is the best way to experience all that Colorado has to offer! And we’ve made it super-accessible to those of you who live at low altitudes or in flatter places by choosing routes with long descents and gradual climbs.

This tour is a combination of road riding and paved trail riding.  The trails are a mixture of paved recreational trails and trails on old rail beds.  These trails are considered rails-to-trails, but they are quite different in character than the long tree lined tunnels of the east.  They have curves and dips and rises and are much like road riding, just without the cars.

P.S. – We do consider this a road bike tour and not a rails-to-trails tour.  You must be comfortable riding on roads and although the climbing has been minimized, you will be doing an at times strenuous activity at elevation.

The lowest elevation of the entire tour is 5280 feet, when you are in Denver at the airport, the majority of the riding occurs above 6000 feet in elevation.  There are a number of things that you can do to prepare your self physically and to maximize your enjoyment Tips for exercising at elevation and preparing for altitude.

Click around on the map below to get a sense of the routes on this bike tour:

To check out the tour overview, follow the link Colorado bike tour details.

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