Coeur d’ Alene and Hiawatha Bike Tour

Riding a bike through tunnel on Hiawatha Trail on Idaho Bike Tour with Wilderness Voyageurs Bike Tours

Coeur d’ Alene and Hiawatha Bike Tour

This bike tour was fantastic!! Amazing scenery, a variety of trails, and a great group of people, made for a terrific week.

James and Raina do a wonderful job of keeping track of all the logistics and making it fun for all the riders.

Besides the great bike tour guides, I especially appreciate the excellent accommodations, wonderful food in fun restaurants and on the trail, and their handling of my bike and all the gear. I also appreciated having breakfasts ready to go so that we could start riding earlier in the day. This made it possible for us to get to the next location and still have some time for socializing and walking around.

I love Wilderness Voyageurs and anticipate another tour next fall. Thanks for a FAB experience!

Rating: Excellent *****
Candy Herda-Scott
Pinedale, WY

This is Candy’s second adventure with us! She has cycled with us on the Mickelson & The Badlands Bike Tour, and now The Coeur d’Alenes & The Hiawatha Idaho Bike Tour.