Classic Cuba Bike Tour

Classic Cuba Bike Tour

I have previous experience bike touring in the North America, Central and South America, Europe and Asia. Most of this was touring independently, much self supported but I have also used supported tours, and on two occasions tours with guides. I have guided bike tours for several organizations and advocated for bike travel since I started touring in 2002.
Cuba has been on my mind for years and I decided (rather last minute) that Spring 2019 was the time to finally go! I wanted to travel independently, having the impression that an expensive guided tour would isolate me from the ordinary Cuban and not give me an authentic experience. I tried and tried to research and plan a route to travel on my own, but didn’t have enough time to get to all the places I wanted to visit. I finally gave up and joined this tour at the last minute. The total of my research on Wilderness Voyageurs was 1) their itinerary was visiting all the places I wanted to visit after reading extensively 2) their dates matched mine 3) there was space available.

OH MY GOD!!!! Didi I ever get lucky!! I feel like I won the lottery BIG TIME! The tour was exceptional in every regard! After being in Havana om my own for two weeks prior to the tour I have an appreciation of what is involved in the logistics of setting up this tour. EVERYTHING was planned with care; the bus (and driver), the bikes, the routes, the People to People experiences, the places we stopped for lunch, the time on the bus during transfers, the hotels and Casas Particulares, the restaurants we ate at. We had lovely opportunities to swim, snorkel and shop. All showed thorough research (when I tried to research these on my own it was overwhelming). Our layover day was also well planned and I loved the opportunity to hike, swim and kayak.,

The Cuban guide, Alex, is an absolute treasure. An amazing man who gave his all with such heart. He tirelessly helped all of us learn about Cuba and integrate our experiences in Cuba. He is a linguist, a historian, a raconteur, an accomplished athlete and a patient teacher. He effectively communicated his pride and love of his country in an honest and sincere manner. I know Kasia and Landon did more of the work in the background, but it was delightful to see their well meshed teamwork, concern for the participants, flexibility and their fun loving enjoyment of each other. They were great sources of information on everything from birds to the complexities of Cuban life.

I cannot express how much the People-to-People experiences enhanced my time in Cuba. These were all amazing experiences I would never have discovered on my own. Every one was memorable, informative, inspiring and occasionally overwhelmingly beautiful! Even our time on the bus was informative with fascinating documentaries, Cuban TV shows and other special surprises. I just cannot say enough good things about my experience on this tour!! Well done!

Rating: Excellent *****
Fran Rulon-Miller
Salida, CO