Civil War Bike Tour

Civil War Bike Tour

One word – WOW!! I joined the Civil War Bike Tour excited for the outing and ended the trip being blown away by the experience. It was phenomenal!  My husband & I drove to Gettysburg where we met the rest of the group on morning number 1. It was a rapidly warming morning, which turned into a spectacular fall day. We biked for a few miles to the battlefield where we enjoyed a superb lunch, prepared by Bill, our bike tour leader. As we enjoyed the final bites of our tasty wrap, one of Gettysburg’s Certified Battlefield Tour Guides joined the group. Jim was a

Civil War Bike Tour Gettysburg

Biking to the Battlefield


Biking the Gettysburg Battlefield

Jim giving us a history lesson

His enthusiasm and knowledge of the battle far exceeded my expectations. He kept us engaged as we relived the battle through his animated descriptions over next few hours. Interesting, fascinating, & educational, Jim made the tour of the battlefield unforgettable.

Ending the day’s tour at The Brafferton Inn in downtown Gettysburg was fitting. Built in 1786, the Inn complimented the day’s history lesson. We relaxed before enjoying wine and cheese on the back deck, then wandering off into downtown Gettyburg for dinner. A local Irish Pub caught our attention and filled our hungry bellies.We then retreated for a comfortable night sleep.  The group gathered in the morning for a home made breakfast, then off on our bikes we went.

Fields around Gettysburg

The Battlefield at Gettysburg

Pedaling through the country, passing old farm houses, crossing the battlefield, lunching by a covered bridge and the like made the hours disappear. Gary, our other bike tour leader, kept us entertained with Civil War era music through the day. The biking was spectacular! Not to mention where we landed that evening.

And it’s time for another WOW!

Antrim 1844 guest roomThe Antrim Inn. Absolutely Stunning! An old plantation home from 1844, the Antrim has been flawlessly restored. Not a detail was missed. The rooms are beautiful, the grounds idealic, the food is outstanding and the wine list…is 75 pages long! It was a true treat to get to enjoy an inn like the Antrim. Before indulging in the multi course meal, Gary challenged us to a game of croquet. Little did we know he had this hidden talent. It was fun. When was the last time you played croquet? As a kid? Ever? It had been years for me! The dinner that followed was delicious.

Croquet match at the Antrim

Gary sending the game off to a great start

Thankfully we had biked that day so we could enjoy course after course (The smoked salmon cheesecake appetizer is highly recommended)!

Unfortunately we had to leave the group the next morning, missing out on the final 2 days of the tour. I can’t wait to return next time for the full Civil War Bike Tour with Wilderness Voyageurs. It was a great time! I learned more about Gettysburg and the battle that could have changed the course of American History, got to bike through beautiful country, stay in fabulous inns and indulge in fine meals. I give the trip 2 thumbs up and can’t wait to bring some friends with me on the next one.

Bike tour at Antrim Inn

Saying farwell to the group as we departed from the Antrim Inn