A Bit of Washington and Idaho

Guests Bike Touring Coeur d'Alene and The Route of the Hiawatha in Idaho with Wilderness Voyageurs

A Bit of Washington and Idaho

This bike tour was amazing! I love seeing new parts of the country, and what others have in their “backyard”.

As we moved East across Idaho, we traveled along some of the most beautiful waterways in the West. Riding along the rail trail was smooth and paved for the first 2 days. Day 3 and 4 moved us into the mountains and the Hiawatha trail. Never even imagined what I was going to experience. This was one of the times I wished we could do the same day twice! Day 4 was a good push and a great downhill to end the day.

I feel fortunate to have met some awesome people and have friendships growing because of taking these trips.

As usual I was not disappointed in accommodations, food and the guides.

Raina and James were a blast to be around and loved how they worked together to make sure we were all safe and had what we needed at all times. I would highly recommend this to any beginning or intermediate rider, it was challenging at a few times but never regretted a single mile of this ride..

Only thing that I did not like, it was too short.

Rating: Pretty good ****
Scott Aldridge
Pinedale, Wyoming

This is the second adventure Scott has taken with us. He rode The Mickelson & The Badlands Bike Tour in 2016, and Idaho’s Coeur d’Alenes and Route of the Hiawatha Bike Tour in 2017.