Beautiful Tour of Savannah, Beaches, and Marshes

Beautiful Tour of Savannah, Beaches, and Marshes

This was our second tour with Wilderness Voyageurs. We so enjoyed our first tour along the Erie Canal in June that we immediately signed up for the Georgia Coast tour in October. We were delighted that Gary Smith was our guide on both tours. He has a wonderful gift for making everyone feel comfortable and part of the group, as well as a hilarious collection of jokes. He and Kathy Metz worked very well together.

We began with a tour of historic Savannah, which provided a context for the places we visited along the coast. Everything was superbly organized and the lodgings provided a connection with the history of this area. The dinners were superb and featured the local shrimp and fish. The tour included views from bridges and a lighthouse, walks on beaches, paths through woods and along the amazing marshes.

We are grateful to Wilderness Voyagers, Gary and Kathy, and the good company of others on the tour. We are already looking forward to our next tour.

Robin & Patrick

Rating: Excellent *****
Patrick Dickson