Beautiful Finger Lakes Bike and Wine Tour

Group of cyclists biking in the finger lakes region with Wilderness Voyageurs Bike Tours

Beautiful Finger Lakes Bike and Wine Tour

I did this tour with 6 other women, all road cyclists. We had such an amazing time!

The roads were scenic and beautiful, and the hikes and winery tours were great.

The hotels they chose were all fabulous, unique and high quality.

Brian and Lisa, our bike tour guides, were great. They catered to our group, made sure we were safe and made sure we had a great time.

We loved this trip and would highly recommend it. The riding was not that hard, and the country side is not to be missed.

Thank you for helping us to create such wonderful memories!

Debbie Higgins
Trenton, NJ

This was Debbie’s first time adventuring with us! She experienced great cycling and delicious wine on our Finger Lakes Bike & Wine Tour in August 2017.