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Off-the-Rails Rafting and Whitewater Adventure

Join a group of experienced paddlers who prefer the river less taken, the more challenging run, the most exhilarating drop. That’s what Adventurers Club is about. You’ll get first notice when river conditions are optimal for seriously wild rafting.


WARNING: We will push the envelope on these trips. While safety is paramount, increased risk comes with these more challenging waters and water levels.


You’ll experience all kinds of waters in the Adventurers Club! Take a look at the runs available on this “Tour de Force.”


Big Sandy River

This is our standard high water alternative to the Upper Yough. A tributary to the Cheat, this “creek” can only be run within a few days of a heavy rain. The Big Sandy is very similar in nature to the Upper Yough, with long, technical rapids that pack quite a punch for a “small” volume river. Rafts are the standard craft.


Tygart Valley Falls

This gem is likely to be run in the late summer, when everything else is dry, due to water being released from Tygart Lake to assist the natural flows of the Monongahela River. This is a 2.5 mile paddle, but the more important number is the vertical feet you’ll be dropping on those waterfalls. Ducks are the only option for this ride.


Top Yough

Above the Upper Yough lies the Top Yough. This butt-kicking section of whitewater starts with a 30-foot cascade waterfall. Though we usually experience the Top Yough in Ducks, we’ll raft it during really high flows. Previous duckie experience is highly recommended; the put-in is only 100 yards above the waterfall, so there’s no time to acclimate to the craft.


Indian Creek

The gradient on this Lower Yough tributary is similar to the Big Sandy and the Upper Yough, but the river bed resembles the large sandstone shelves that make up the Lower Yough, providing large surf waves and big eddies so you can stop and do it again.


Ducks or rafts will be used based on water levels.


Savage River

Western Maryland’s Savage River is a little-known gem that hosted the 1989 Whitewater Kayaking World Championships. Covering five miles of continuous Class III-IV whitewater, this is a small-volume, fast-paced whitewater roller coaster. The Savage is not as technical as the Upper Yough, but the constant nature of the rapids requires previous rafting experience. Robust paddling and a quick response to the guide’s directions are a must.


**Dam releases from the Savage Reservoir only occur three (3) times a year. Due to the size of the river and the water releases of 4 hours, we can only accommodate 20 people a day on this trip. The format for the Savage River is 4 guests and a guide per raft. We will run the river in the morning, break for lunch and do a second run in the afternoon.


Located about 30 minutes from Friendsville, this trip is a perfect complement to the Upper Yough. The whitewater releases from Savage River Dam have been arranged to occur on Sundays following a Saturday Upper Yough release.



Ready for Your Next Adventure?

These trips are intended for the whitewater enthusiast, closet kayaker or the just plain crazy. This is an example of what you may experience as a member of the Adventurers Club. Other rivers may be visited based on water flows and staff experience. We’re looking forward to seeing you on this whitewater odyssey!

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