Adirondack Daily Elevation

Below are the daily elevations for the Adirondack Tour. Beware when looking at these! The jagged lines can look very intimidating. Take a close look at the scale on the left as compared to the miles on the bottom of the chart. This is an intermediate road tour and there is not any way to avoid the ups and downs. It’s like a roller coaster! Complete with beautiful views.


Day 1

Don’t let this chart intimidate you! We begin in Burlington, Vermont and then pedal south along Lake Champlain to Middlebury, VT. The climbs are gradual, and there are so many opportunities to hop off your bike saddles for a short break and beautiful views! We will ride 52.4 miles today. Total elevation: +2521 ‘ / – 2192 ‘



Day 2

The day includes one big climb out of the Hudson River Valley. Remember that the SAG vehicle is always there is you would like to cut off some of those climbing miles. Today we ride 56 miles. Total elevation +3971′ / -3373′


Day 3

This chart looks quite dramatic, but do not let those spikes intimidate you! Just take it slow and steady, and the views are amazing! We ride 44.3 miles today. Total Elevation +3729 / -2750′



Day 4

Today’s chart looks like there are a lot of ups and downs, but the day begins with a huge downhill! Use that to your advantage, and keep the momentum going throughout the 52.6 miles today! Once you conquer the morning’s ride, the afternoon will be smooth sailing. Total Elevation +2596 / – 3216



Day 5

Today’s ride will be fast and fun! Notice the scale on the side is only moving in 100 foot increments. We will ride 50.3 miles today. Total elevation: +2367 ‘ / – 2364’


Day 6

Our final ride of the trip is an exciting one! We will ride 45.3 miles today, and ride the ferry back across Lake Champlain to Burlington. Total elevation +1204 ‘ / – 2577’


** Routes are subject to change, and these specific routes are not guaranteed. Routes can change due to weather, construction, seasonal events, etc.