7 Reasons to Bike Tour in 2015

7 Reasons to Bike Tour in 2015

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Traffic jam in Portugal

After fifty years in the tourism business, we have a pretty good idea of what makes an ideal vacation. For us, nothing beats truly getting away from everything and being immersed in a new world. On a bike tour, you get that and more. You arrive at your assigned departure point and the adventure begins. You pedal from inn to inn and you can stop anytime you want to take a picture, grab a snack, or just appreciate the views and local history. Got a question or flat? We have knowledgeable guides on every tour–passionate, fun-loving people who want to share their love of cycling and local lore with you.

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Ride. Relax. Repeat.

The most unique part of bicycle tours is their immersive quality. Unlike by bus or car, you’re right there, in the thick of the experience–no windshield or window separating you from the world. Not only are you better connected to the environment, you’re also connecting with your riding buddies. We’ve seen new relationships develop AND “old” relationships renewed on many (if not all!) of our tours. How can you not when you’re pedaling side by side?

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Lunch break on the PA Dutch Country Bike Tour

Plus, we take care of your luggage, accommodations and most of your meals. Yet you have plenty of flexibility and opportunity to explore the environment on your own. You’re not stuck going at someone else’s pace either. Slow down, enjoy the sights or speed up and down hills to your heart’s delight. And your heart will be happier! In fact, your whole body will appreciate the chance to move and breathe like you did when you were a kid. Even if you overdo it, our support and gear (SAG) vehicle is there to pick you up and take you to the next stop.

We’ve seen tired, disconnected people practically reborn on our bike tours! Invigorated, relaxed and happy–isn’t that what we all want from a vacation?

Check out our 2015 bikes tours, including new tours to Portugal, New Zealand, and New York’s Erie Canal and Finger Lakes.

And the 7 reasons to take a bike tour?
Here they are!

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Everyone have their helmets?

#1 – Immersive

Travelling by bike immerses you in your environment – there’s nothing between you and the world.



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#2 – Personalized

Make it what you want – ride hard and fast or slow and leisurely. It’s all about you. *All tours include a support and gear vehicle.



Get in shape, Good Workouts



#3 – Healthy

Take a vacation that gets your blood pumping! You’ll feel stronger, healthier and happier.

*Our longer tours include a training plan!


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Nothing better than biking with friends.

#4 – Connection

Pedaling together deepens your relationships with your friends, partner or spouse. Make new friends, too!


#5 – Meaningful

Experiences don’t get lost or collect dust. Give a gift your loved one (or you!) will cherish forever. Fun memories never go out of style.

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Ohiopyle smiles

#6 – Easy

We take are of everything so you can focus on enjoying the scenery and your riding companions.

#7 – Fun

Touring by bike is fun. Staring out a car window is… well, kinda boring.


So come join us.

A new experience awaits you.

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The SAG Wagon – We’ve got your back.