Ohiopyle State Park Trails

Ohiopyle State Park Hiking & Biking Trails

Ohiopyle State Park Hiking Trails

Hiking Trails

Be prepared! Download an Ohiopyle State Park Map.  The park has more than 65 miles of hiking trails, and this is the southern terminus of the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail. 

Meadow Run

Not only a beautiful hiking trail and excellent fly fishing stream - but also the greatest natural waterslides in the country! Wear shorts you don't mind potentially ripping and get ready for a ride! The stream naturally cuts through the rock, creating a great slide and hours of fun!

Baughman Trail

3.4 miles , difficult - This trail has trailheads at the back of the Middle Yough Take-out Parking Area adjacent to the Train Station/Visitor Center in Downtown Ohiopyle and at the Mountain Biking Trail parking lot. This steep, rocky trail passes Baughman Rock, a spectacular overlook of the Youghiogheny River Gorge.

Beech Trails

2.7 miles total , moderately difficult The Beech Loop begins at the Kentuck Campground Amphitheater and connects to the Beach Trail and Sproul Trails. The 2.1-mile Beech Trail passes through a forest of towering American beech trees and leads to the Great Gorge Trail.

Ferncliff Peninsula Trails

Ferncliff Trail: 1.7-mile , easy - All other Ferncliff Peninsula trails branch off of this loop trail which circles the peninsula. The trailhead is near the Ferncliff Parking Lot adjacent to the Ohiopyle Hostel.

Buffalo Nut Trail

0.1-mile , easy - This short trail is the first branch off of Ferncliff Trail and is a shortcut to Oakwoods Trail.

Fernwood Trail

0.5-mile , easy - This trail features beautiful ferns and the remnants of the old Ferncliff Hotel.

Oakwoods Trail

0.5-mile , easy - This trail passes through a mature hardwood forest.

Great Gorge Trail

2.6 miles , moderate - This trail begins at the Cucumber Picnic Area and crosses several bridges and roads. The trail follows Cucumber Run and passed an area known for its spring wildflowers. The next trail section follows an old tramway used to transport coal to the railroad. A spur of this trail leads up a steep incline to the Kentuck Campground.

Jonathan Run Trail

1.7-mile , easy - The trailhead is along the Holland Hill Road. The trail crisscrosses Jonathan Run and passes by small waterfalls, including Jonathan Run Falls. The trail connects to the Youghiogheny River Trail.

Kentuck Trail

2.5 miles , moderately difficult - This series of trails begins at the Tharpe Knob Picnic Area. A short one-mile loop includes the Tharp Knob Overlook. The trail continues to the Kentuck Campground contact station, briefly follows the road, then descends to meet Jonathan Run Trail. The trail then leads to the Youghiogheny River Trail, and finally splits off and climbs the gorge to meet the Old Mitchell Trail.

McCune Trail

1.2-mile , easy - This trail passes through various habitats and by an old spring house and pond which are all that remain from the McCune Farm.

Meadow Run Trail

3 miles , easy - There are trailheads near the park office, at the waterslides on SR 2011 and at Cucumber Falls on SR 2019. From the waterslides parking lot take the left trail under the SR 381 bridge for 0.7-mile to Cucumber Falls. Take the trail to the right, which leads to a loop trail and the Cascades. This trail is intersected by a path leading to the SR 2011 trailhead.

Old Mitchell Trail Loop

1.8-mile , moderate - This loop trail begins at the Old Mitchell Place Parking Area in the west side of the park. The trail meanders through a variety of habitats including forest and meadow and is excellent for birding in the spring.

Sproul Trails

3.7 miles , easy - These five interconnecting loops are just north of the Kentuck Campground, near the second overflow parking area outside of the campground.

Sugarloaf Trail

3.8 miles , difficult - This hiking/biking/snowmobiling trail begins near the Train Station/Visitor’s Center. The trailhead is at the back of the Middle Youghiogheny Take-out Parking Area, to the right of the Youghiogheny River Trail. The trail climbs 800 feet in elevation in two steep areas. The trail connects to the main mountain bike area near Surgarloaf Knob.

Sugar Run Trail

1.6-mile , moderate - This trail connects Old Mitchell Trail to Jonathan Run Trail.

Youghiogheny River Trail

27 miles , easy - Click here for detailed information.

Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail

This 70-mile, very difficult, year-round backpacking trail has its southern end in Ohiopyle and it’s northern end near Johnstown. The trail traverses state parks, state forests, state game lands, other public lands and private lands. An overnight shelter area is located every 8-10 miles along the trail and has five adirondack-type shelters with fireplaces, non-flush toilets, a water supply and spaces for 30 tents.

The Ohiopyle section of the trail is 6.3 miles of very strenuous and rocky hiking. There are beautiful overlooks and creeks along the way. Reservations for backpack camping are required and must be made by contacting: Laurel Ridge State Park

 Do you find yourself drifting towards the awesome resource of Ohiopyle State Park every weekend?  Then help to make it the best cared for park in Pennsylvania, join Friends of Ohiopyle!  This is an all volunteer group that provides assisstance to park staff to build and maintain trails, conduct programs, and generally have fun in the woods.

Biking Trails

There are 18 miles of the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP Trail) running through Ohiopyle State Park. This is the Rails to Trails trail that connects Pittsburgh to Washington DC.  There is great Mountain Biking in the Ohiopyle Area, including Ohiopyle State Park, but also in the greater Laurel Highlands.. There are currently 2 designated Mountain biking trail systems within Ohiopyle: Sugarloaf trails and Sugar Run, although that will be changing as more trails are added. A new trail off Mccune trail across from Sugarloaf was  built at the end of 2008. It's a fun ride - head up and check it out. Get ready for a good climb right off the start and a fun downhill about 1/2 way through the ride. More about Mountain Bike Trails in Ohiopyle State Park and The Great Allegheny Passage.

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