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Rails-to-trails greenway sojourn

rails-to-trails conservancy

Rail-to-Trails Conservancy's Greenway Sojourn for 2013 will depart on June 23 for a 5 day Sojourn on the Great Allegheny Passage from Pittsburgh to Cumberland. More details to come soon, but for now, SAVE THE DATE!!

2013 SOJOURN PARTICIPANTS:::::  You will receive an email on May 24th with final details of the meeting time and exact location in Cumberland for the start of the Sojourn.

The RTC continues its partnership with Wilderness Voyageurs (us) a professional bike tour operator to produce and manage the 2013 Sojourn.  We will be taking care of all of the on the ground logistics, and the pre-trip registration.  Please contact Wilderness Voyageurs with any & all questions regarding the Sojourn.  


 Please contact Wilderness Voyageurs with any & all questions regarding the Sojourn or call us with your details at 800-272-4141 

Sojourn Details                                                                                                                                               

Rails-to-trails sojourn 

Details details details....there are many and we don't have all of the answers yet. As soon as we do, we will post them. Thanks for your interest and we are very excited for the 2013 Sojourn!

Where will you park to begin the trip?
You will park in Cumberland (the exact location will be posted as we near the departure) and you will be transported to Pittsburgh to begin the Sojourn.

What to Bring

Participants are limited to two bags, weighing no more than 40 total pounds. We strongly recommend durable water-resistant bags. Plastic bags or corrugated boxes will not be permitted.   

Overnight Stops

Participants will camp in tents they supply themselves. Campsites may be open fields, town parks or standard campgrounds along the route. A 20-bay shower truck with outside sinks will be available at each location. Portable restroom facilities will be at most sites. On a few nights, we will camp near town centers that offer many evening attractions. Musical entertainment, tours and lectures are planned along the route.   Comfy Campers will once again provide daily tent service for those who are interested. There is a seperate fee and registration process for these services.  Contact Comfy Campers


TBD. Please be patient. We will post the cost as soon as we have received all the prices from other vendors. There are many details that are involved and we promise to update this page as soon as we have the necessary information.


There will be meals....more information soon.

Bike Rentals

We have a limited number of bikes to rent for the Sojourn so we highly encorage you to ride your own bike. If you do not have a bike or are traveling from afar, please call us after making your reservation and we will accomodate as many people as possible.   

How to register for the Sojourn

1.Call Wilderness Voyageurs at 800-272-4141 to make your reservation over the phone , with a real human.



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Rails to Trails Greenway Sojourn