Middle Yough

The Middle Yough (Middle Youghiogheny) Ohiopyle, PA
Class I-II

Guided Middle Yough Family Trip

Between Confluence and Ohiopyle lies The Middle Yough,a step milder than the Lower Yough and appropriate for children as young as 5. It is fun, relaxing and beautiful as you float through Ohiopyle State Park. Class I-II means there are some ripples and a little splashy water, but no large whitewater rapids. Plan for a relaxing day as you paddle down the river, dropping in for an occasional swim and taking in the sights. Don't forget your sunscreen! On those sunny days you'll want it.

Join the guided Middle Yough family river trip if you want to concentrate on fun and leave details (like lunch) to us! The trip is a guide assisted trip, so you will not have a guide in your boat. The guides will be nearby to help direct you through the current and down the river. They'll take care of lunch, answer questions about Ohiopyle State Park and the area and bring along the family fun bag! Shhh....it's a surprise!

Middle Yough


The trip is run in rafts, but for only $10 you may upgrade your watercraft to a duck, canoe or shredder. We highly recommend previous canoe experience before tackling the Middle Yough. There is enough current through the Class II areas that navigation takes some skill.

Pedal Paddle: The best of both worlds!! Bike the trail and paddle the river....read more...


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Gear Directions
Guides Photos
Check In Times Check In Location
10:30, 12:30 Ohiopyle, PA
Min Age
River Classification
5 years old Class I-II

*Mon-Fri: $30
*Sat & Sunday: $40

*Mon-Fri: $25
*Sat & Sunday: $35

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*Prices to not include the $2.76 per person state park guided middle yough fee


Yes - Deli style Riverside (weather permitting)

Length Season

3.5-5 Hours / 9 Miles

April - October

Trip Format

Guide Escorted

Boat Options

Raft,  or upgrade to a Duckie (single or double), Shredder or Canoe

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