BSA White Water Merit Badge

BSA white water merit badge

BSA White Water Merit Badge

Keith and Taylor were great! They worked awesome with our Boy Scout Troop. They knew a lot of the local history and the river. These guy’s were VERY entertaining.They were also extremely helpful with our scouts.

Merit badge fun White water

I hope you guys take care of these two men, they are two awesome employees! The scouts that went on the trip were asking me, in the parking lot, to do this every year! Also if you could, please forward a congratulations to Keith on his up coming wedding from Troop 504.

Thank you,
Steve Huttinger
Troop 504

Rating: Excellent *****
Steve Huttinger
Litchfield, OH

You betcha Steve!  Our staff really is stoked when they get kids fired up about our  sport of whitewater.  They also are big fans of getting to know their clients and seeing them return to Ohiopyle and progress through the sport.

Troop 504 completed the BSA white water merit badge with us in August of 2015.  Nothing beats 3 types of whitewater craft on 2 sections of river in 2 days.   Wilderness Voyageurs is one of the few places that you can earn the whitewater merit badge.

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